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Women's Social Lives at Carolina

When women were first granted admission to the University, only a small number were actually enrolled. These few women experienced restricted social lives, governed by strict dress and honor codes, dictating not only their appearances, but also their behavior. Women of color faced even more adversity including isolation from the community, and blatant discrimination on the basis of both sex and race. Women had to fight to create their own social experiences on campus. Participating in sports, Greek Life, and the arts are just a few areas in which women have and continue to express their identities and talents through social activities within the Carolina community.

Student Curators:
Marlee Walls
Griffin Groh
McCall Holland
Olivia Bell

Southern Oral History Program interviews related to this theme:

Marcia McDermott interviewed by Mary Jo Festle
June 27, 1991

Martha Deberry interviewed by Nancy Warren
April 4, 1991

Grace Aycock (1919-1996) interviewed by Frances A. Weaver
March 28, 1990