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University Woman's Club

University Woman's Club programs, 1960s

North Carolina Collection

University Woman’s Club luncheon programs, 1960s

The University Woman’s Club (UWC), an exclusive group established in 1949 for faculty wives and the few female faculty members employed at the University, regularly held luncheons at the Carolina Inn. These handmade programs outlined the menu and scheduled events for the gathering. The University Woman’s Club maintained society’s prevailing ideas about suitable activities and the expectations of women and was one of the few ways that women at the time could engage in campus life. The club’s strict membership requirements revealed that community was not always inclusive for all women in Chapel Hill. Luncheons are still held by the UWC today, as well as excursions, talks, and fundraising activities. You no longer need to be affiliated to University to be a member and one of the current key aims of the UWC is to increase the diversity of its members.