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Elephants and Butterflies... and Contraceptives

Elephants and Butterflies...and contraceptives, 1971.

North Carolina Collection

Richard Mier, Donald Rollins, Thomas Blush; with: Takey Crist, M.D.
Elephants and butterflies ...and Contraceptives 
Chapel Hill, NC: ECOS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1971  

Written and published by UNC medical students under the guidance of Dr. Takey Crist and the Human Sexuality Information and Counseling Service, this book is an informative guide to reproductive health. 10,000 booklets were produced upon first publication in 1971, and all were distributed in just 5 days. The booklet was revolutionary in its frank treatment of sex outside marriage, birth control, and abortion. Scarred by having to treat many OB/GYN emergencies resulting from illegal abortions, Crist - an OB/GYN and faculty member at UNC - worked to allow student health services to offer contraceptives to students.