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Breaking Barriers in Higher Education

Women have continually confronted and faced challenges and obstacles at UNC-Chapel Hill, including discrimination based on gender, race, and sexuality. These barriers are both structural and societal, encompassing everything from legal discrimination to sexual harassment. Although many women fought against these barriers, others upheld them, as they tried to maintain their own social status. This display takes an intersectional approach by examining the institutional and cultural expectations that women of different identities chose to defy. Despite progress that has been made to overcome barriers, many still exist and are actively resisted by women at UNC.

Student curators:
Sarah Moore
Skyler Singleton
Zoe Vaughan
Kelsey Sutton

Southern Oral History Program interviews related to this theme:

Pauli Murray (1910-1985) interviewed by Genna Rae McNeil
February 13, 1976

Sherry Williamson interviewed by Grace Tatter
November 6, 2013