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The Resistance & Resilience of Women at UNC

Women at UNC have fought for recognition and equality for themselves and others for many decades and continue to do so. By invoking race, sexuality, and gender, women have challenged the University and its patriarchal, capitalist white supremacy, fighting for the removal of symbols of hatred and oppression and for the creation of new markers of women’s power and contributions. Through written statements, physical protests, literature, and artwork, women at Carolina have continuously demanded that they be valued and recognized as forces on campus.   

Student curators:
Aneesha Tucker
David Smith
Brynn Garner
Emily Orland

Southern Oral History Program interviews related to this theme: 

Renée Alexander Craft interviewed by Charlotte Fryer
February 2, 2017

Mab Segrest interviewed by Holloway Sparks
August 6, 1997