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Organizing to Support Interest & Identity

When asked about women’s involvement in campus organizations for an alumni survey, graduate Julia Dameron said, “There were no interests or activities for women in 1908!”. The following decades saw the creation of a range of intramural sports for what was, until the mid-1960s, a homogenous group of white women from Chapel Hill. After this, the development of organizations to represent and support the increasingly diverse needs and identities of women on UNC’s campus grew. In addition to being integral to organizations across campus, there are more than 50 women’s organizations and clubs to serve the women of UNC through creative pursuits, sport, and student government, and to bring women together based on shared identities.

Student curators:
Gwyneth Graham
Megan Downs
Meagan Harrington
Claire Foreman

Southern Oral History Program interviews related to this theme:

Virginia Su Carson interviewed by Jennifer Donnally
June 20, 2008