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Women's Health & Wellbeing

The sexual revolution of the 1970s and pioneering work by doctors such as Dr. Takey Crist, an OB/GYN at UNC, ensured that women’s access to contraceptives and sexual health advice on campus improved. Negative attitudes towards pregnant students also slowly changed leading eventually to the existence of a lactation room in the Student Union today. The University increasingly saw the need for an integrated response to the mental health needs on campus, provision that particularly helped women who are more prone to anxiety and depression. The creation of UNC’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) in 1995 went some way to meeting the need.

Student curators:
Gwyneth Graham
Megan Downs
Meagan Harrington
Claire Foreman

Southern Oral History Program interviews related to this theme: 

Ethelene McCabe Allen interviewed by Barbara Carol Allen
May 23, 2006

Victor J. Schoenbach interviewed by Ashley Brem Templeton
October 3, 2013