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Plate 50.

Alfred Percival Maudslay (1850–1931)
Frederick Ducane Godman (1834–1919), Osbert Salvin (1835–1898), editors
London: Published for the editors by R.H. Porter . . . and Dulau & Co., 1889–1902

Maudslay’s addendum to Godman and Salvin’s Biologia Centrali-Americana mightily advanced the study of Mayan writing by providing accurate depictions of hundreds of Classic Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions. A well-educated Englishman who had managed a gold mine in Mexico and a fruit plantation in California, Maudslay was inspired by John Lloyd Stephens and set out with a wet-plate camera and plaster to record the Maya ruins. In London, Maudslay employed artist Annie Hunter to execute drawings from the photographs and casts he had made. Here we see photographs of a sculpture in situ—one with a native guide—and Hunter’s renderings, and another plate (below) of a photographic reproduction of a plaster cast of a Palenque relief. The improvement upon earlier renderings is clear (see Early Representations).

Presented by George E. and Melinda Y. Stuart
Rare Book Collection Stuart Folio-2 F1435 .M44 1889 v. 2