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The Civil War ends
The Republican Party is formed in North Carolina

The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constution is ratified, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote


The Democrats regain control of the North Carolina legislature


Democrat Zebulon Vance is elected Governor



In statewide elections, the combined totals of Populist and Republican votes exceed those for the Democrats

In the first fusion election, the Republicans and Populists run together and the Democrats lose control of both houses of the General Assembly



Elections bring more fusion success: the Republicans and Populists run together again and hold control of the legislature. Republican Daniel L. Russell is elected governor
12 May: A large Democratic rally in Laurinburg launches the "white supremacy" campaign. Charles Brantley Aycock and Locke Craig are the featured speakers
17 May: The state Populist Party convention meets in Raleigh and agrees to propose a fusion agreement with the Democrats

[20] May: A committee of leading Democrats rejects fusion with the Populists

26 May: The Democratic Convention meets in Raleigh
20 July: The Republican Convention meets in Raleigh
18 August: A controversial editorial appears in the Wilmington Daily Record
Late October: "Red Shirts" begin to appear at Democratic rallies in southeastern North Carolina
8 November: Election Day