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Ethnic Newspapers

Ethnic newspapers have been published in the U.S. since 1732, when Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphische Zeitung first appeared for German immigrants to Pennsylvania. Franklin's paper covered local and international news stories translated from his Philadelphia Gazette. Naturally, ethnic newspapers tend to appear in areas with large numbers of immigrants or citizens who primarily speak other languages. Such papers help members of their communities with the issues they are facing as new residents and also promote the heritage and traditions of their native countries. Of North Carolina's foreign-born population, Latin Americans make up the largest share, accounting for 53 percent of immigrants in the state in 2018. Asians are the second-largest share of immigrants in North Carolina, comprising almost 30 percent of the state's foreign-born population.

La Noticia: The Spanish Language Newspaper

La Noticia: The Spanish Language Newspaper, August 17-23, 2011

La Noticia, “The News” serves more than 300,000 members of the state’s Latinx community. La Noticia, Inc. publishes four different editions in the state, and has been recognized two years in a row by the National Association of Hispanic Publications as the “Outstanding Spanish-Language Newspaper in the Country.” The paper covers local and national news with an emphasis on its relevance to the Latinx immigrant community. Articles in this issue help newcomers orient to their new home, including an explanation of North Carolina driving laws and the Medicare insurance program. La Noticia also serves as a bulletin board to advertise community events and learning opportunities. A large number of advertisements connect immigrants to businesses who serve the Latinx community.

Publisher, editor: La Noticia, Inc., Diego Barahona A., Charlotte, N.C.
Printer: Eventos Premium, Inc.
Dates Published: 1998--present
Frequency: Weekly

John Sprunt Hill Endowment Fund
North Carolina Collection

La Noticia: The Spanish-Language Newspaper, August 17-23, 2011

Con un público de más de 300.000 personas, La Noticia sirve a los miembros de la comunidad latina del estado de Carolina del Norte. Reconocido por dos años consecutivos por la Asociación Nacional de Publicaciones Hispánicas por ser el “Periódico más Destacado en Lengua Castellana en el País,” La Noticia, Inc. publica cuatro ediciones distintas en el estado. El periódico presenta noticias locales y nacionales, con un énfasis en los intereses de la comunidad latina inmigrante. Artículos en esta edición ayudan a los inmigrantes a aclimatarse a su nuevo país, incluyendo una explicación de las leyes para conducir y el programa de seguro médico Medicare. La Noticia también sirve de plataforma de anuncios para acontecimientos comunitarios y oportunidades en educación, como clases de computadoras o ESL. Un gran número de anuncios comerciales conectan a los inmigrantes con los que sirven a la comunidad latina.

Editora: La Noticia, Inc., Diego Barahona A., Charlotte, N.C.
Imprenta: Eventos Premium, Inc.
Fechas publicadas: 1998--presente
Frecuencia: Seminal
Sitio web:

John Sprunt Hill Endowment Fund
North Carolina Collection

The China Press Weekly: The Chinese language Newspaper

The China Press Weekly: The Chinese language Newspaper, February 22, 2019

China Press Weekly is published in sixteen different locations including cities in the Carolinas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. For Chinese Americans, China Press Weekly has become their foremost news source.

This version of China Press Weekly is centered on the Carolinas, focusing on current affairs, local and international news, life guides, business and Immigration information, and leisure and entertainment in the eastern United States.

This issue includes news about the annual Chinese Spring Festival Gala held in UNC’s Memorial Hall, the North Carolina junior swimming competition, twelve Asian-American students who won the Julia Nan Scholarship award, immigration, and health care. It also features a call to protect the marine environment.

The newspaper has attracted an increasing number of Chinese immigrant readers and is considered to have the largest circulation for a Chinese language publication in the United States.

Publisher: The China Press, Carolinas edition
Language: Chinese (Traditional)
Dates published: 1999--Present
Frequency: Weekly (every Friday)

North Carolina Collection






出版方: 美國《僑報》
語言: 繁體中文
創刊日: 1999年元旦至今
發行頻率: 每逢週五出報

NC Hankookin News: The Korean Language Newspaper

NC Hankookin News: The Korean Language Newspaper, December 2, 2019

NC Hankookin News is a monthly newspaper that was founded in 2007 to deliver news to Korean immigrants living in North Carolina. The paper also provides useful information to help immigrants who settle here, such as upcoming events and advertisements from Korean-owned businesses. Since the Korean church plays an important role in orienting immigrants to American life, church news and events are prominently covered. The paper also covers national news and highlights U.S. Koreans who show outstanding performance in their fields. This December 2 issue reports about how often cybercrime occurred in the U.S. in the past year.

Publisher, editor: NC Hankookin News, Young Lee, Cary, N.C.
Dates published: 2017-present
Frequency: Monthly

North Carolina Collection

NC 한국인 뉴스: 한글 신문
2019년 12월 2일자

NC 한국인 뉴스는 North Carolina에 거주하는 한국교민들의 정착을 돕기 위해 2007년에 설립된 월간지이다. 이 신문은 다가오는 행사나 한국인이 소유한 사업체의 광고와 더불어, 이곳에 정착하고자 하는 이들을 위한 유용한 정보를 제공한다. 한인교회가 한국인의 미국정착에 중요한 역할을 담당하기 때문에, 교회 소식과 행사가 주로 다뤄진다. NC 한국인 뉴스는 또한 미국에서 자신의 분야에서 두각을 나타내는 한국인들을 소개하고 NC의 지역소식을 전한다. 2019년 12월 호에서는 지난해 미국에서 빈번하게 발생한 사이버범죄를 다루었다.

출판사: NC 한국인 뉴스
편집자: 이영
출간일: 2017년 – 현재
발행간격: 1달