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10. Spencer Residence Hall

"Women Students Not Wanted Here"

"Women Students Not Wanted Here," 1923

"Shaves and Shines, Not Rats and Rouge"

"Shaves and Shines, Not Rats and Rouge," 1923

Getting the residence hall built became known as the “Battle of Spencer Hall.” Dean of Women Inez Stacy had advocated for housing for women on campus since she first arrived. Finally, in 1921, plans were drawn for a women’s residence hall. This had staunch student opposition. Weekly articles in the student newspaper appeared against the residence hall with titles like “Women Not Wanted Here” and “Shaves and Shines, but No Rats and Rouge.”

Sharon Rose Powell

Sharon Rose Powell on in loco parentis rules

Listen to Sharon Rose Powell, Class of 1968, who led a movement that recommended new rules for women students, including the abolishment of in loco parentis.

"Battle of Spencer Hall"

"Two New 'Dream' Dormitories," 1939

In the late 1930s, the university added Kenan, McIver, and Alderman dormitories. Sufficient housing for women remained a contentious issue into the 1960s. Dean Kitty Carmichael even tried to take over residence halls across the street -- Carr, Ruffin, Grimes, and Manly -- for women. She was accused of trying to banish men to the South campus.

Karen Parker

Karen Parker on sexual politics on campus 

Listen to Karen Parker, Class of 1965, and the first African American female undergraduate student, talk about the double standard that women students faced in dorm life.