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Carolina Together Testing Program

In January 2021, the University implemented the Carolina Together Testing Program (CTTP) to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus. After several dozen COVID-19 cases surfaced on campus in August 2020, the University quickly shifted to remote learning and sent most of the campus population home. To safely welcome back faculty, staff, and students for the spring 2021 semester, the CTTP established a testing protocol with several sample collecting sites around campus. Samples were processed in a temporary surveillance lab in the Genome Sciences Building. The University ended the CTTP in May 2022, months after vaccines and at-home test kits became widely available.  

Laboratory gown

COVID Surveillance Laboratory gown, 2021-2022

Amy Loftis wore this gown while serving as associate laboratory director in the temporary lab in the Genome Sciences Building. Along with Susan Fiscus and Dr. Amir Barzin, Loftis won a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Massey Distinguished Service Award for her work setting up the lab.