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Personal Reflections and Stories

photo of Meredith Jeffers

UNC Story Archive: Meredith Jeffers

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all of our lives, but in the context of university life, it was especially difficult for graduating seniors and those looking to begin their undergraduate or graduate education in 2020. UNC Story Archive contributor, Meredith Jeffers, shared her experience deciding to start a graduate program at UNC in 2020.

photo of the Cube

Photographs by Susan Worley

In May 2020, Susan Worley took this photo of the CUBE in front of the Union.

There are more photos submitted by Susan Worley.

photo of Linda's Bar with closed sign

Photographs by María R. Estorino

In May 2020, María Estorino took this photo of Linda’s after the bar closed due to quarantine requirements.

See more photos submitted by María R. Estorino.

Partnerships in Aging "In this Moment" Series

The UNC Partnerships in Aging Program conducted short interviews with Chapel Hill residents between April and June 2020. Participants shared reflections on life during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home orders in North Carolina. In this example, Bonnie (age 73) shares about her experience.

photo of Mimi Chapman and her father

Dr. Mimi Chapman and her father

Virus Diaries, Dr. Mimi Chapman

Dr. Mimi Chapman began her term as Chair of the Faculty in spring 2020 just as the pandemic began. In her personal blog, Dr. Chapman recorded a series of “virus diaries” documenting her experience from a personal and professional lens. Read the first entry  titled "Virus Diaries: 1".

photo of Robin Gao

Virtual Learning Shift

Anthropology 101 remote course assignment, October 2020

Teaching and learning have changed throughout the evolving pandemic conditions at the University. UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate student, Robin Gao, submitted a self-portrait and course assignment to the Carolina COVID-19 Archive. Gao writes "these documents were submitted as part of an auto-ethnography assignment for my ANTH 101 class. The handwritten document details the observations I made of my parents' behaviors and general goings-on around my household throughout October 2020. The typed document was meant to accompany the ethnography notes as a synthesis of anthropology concepts I had covered in (virtual) class." Other examples of virtual learning are available in the Carolina COVID-19 Archive collection.


For more archived materials like this please visit the COVID-19 Archive finding aid. If you would like to submit your story or nominate content for the website archives, please see Share Your Experience on how to submit.