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Evolving Pandemic Conditions

Web banner for Carolina Together Coronovirus Updates

University Early Information Sharing

Coronavirus Updates

Before the branded "Carolina Together" initiative and road maps to reopening campus were initiated, the University dedicated a single page within the domain to "Coronavirus Updates." The Library first archived this webpage on March 12, 2020. By early July 2020 the page began redirecting visitors to the Carolina Together website. The Library began archiving the Carolina Together website on June 15, 2020. These were just two of many COVID-19 related information portals spinning up around the University. More websites can be viewed in the UNC COVID-19 Information Portals and COVID-19 Response sections of our website archives.

Web banner for Carolina Together

Reopening Attempt 2020

Road Map for Fall 2020

The Carolina Together website was launched during the summer 2020 to introduce the Road Map for Fall 2020 semester. The Road Map introduced a plan for in-person learning and living at UNC during the fall 2020 semester. Among other things, the website introduced guiding principles and community standards which have become central to the University’s messaging and all plans for reopening and attempts to create a "new normal" at Carolina. View the Community Standards as released on June 13, 2020.

In the News: Reopening Attempt 2020

The in-person semester plans and subsequent closing of campus in August 2020 garnered national attention. This story from Business Insider explores what happened.

Connecting Research and Campus Life to Pandemic Realities

Viewpoints on Resilient and Equitable Responses to the Pandemic

The UNC at Chapel Hill Center for Urban and Regional Studies created a podcast to examine how the pandemic is affecting public and private systems and potential solutions to address issues related to equity that are exacerbated by the pandemic. In this featured episode, Dr. Mai Nguyen discusses the importance of safe and stable housing during the pandemic. Listen to more episodes.

Criminal Justice Awareness and Action poster

Campus Y Newsletter

In April 2020, the Campus Y released a series of newsletter editions called "Social Justice while Social Distancing." Campus Y committees submitted information about how the pandemic was affecting the issues they care about. In this edition, the Criminal Justice and Awareness Committee shared information about the pandemic’s effect on incarcerated people. For more visit our website archives.

photo of Melissa Miller

UNC-Chapel Hill Researchers Impact Pandemic Response

Throughout the pandemic, researchers at the University have been involved in efforts to stop the spread, increase testing capacity, and develop vaccines. This story from March 2020 highlights work done by Dr. Melissa Miller and her lab to develop testing capacity.

UNC Health Vaccine Rollout

Early in the vaccine roll out process, UNC Health launched a COVID-19 Vaccine Hub website. A monthly snapshot of UNC Health's vaccine related information is available in the web archives.


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