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Letter to Sister Anne: 21 December 1855

We are not certain of the identity of Sister Anne. 

A possible contender is Sarah Anne Terrot.  The book Nurse Sarah Anne: with Florence Nightingale at Scutari, edited by R.G. Richardson is her diary kept during this time with Nightingale.  From the book jacket:

Sarah Anne Terrot was one of the Sellonite sisters in the small group of thirty-eight women who went with Florence Nightingale to nurse in the hospitals at Scutari in November 1854. She kept a diary and this journal gives us an understanding of that terrible winter of 1854-55, when the inadequacies and incompetence of an old order were so starkly exposed at Scutari. In 1897, she received the Royal Red Cross from Queen Victoria at Balmoral.

You can read the diary via Google Books at

Letter to Sister Anne: 21 December 1855

Dear Sister Anne
Are you going today?
If so, I must, please,
know from you up to
what date the nurses
from Koulali have been
paid. What clothing
they have had. What,
if any, is due to them,
& I must have if
possible their printed
lists of clothing.
I hope to see you again
ever yours
F. Nightingale
Dec. 21/55