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9 October 1875

Letter to William Clark: 9 October 1875, page 1


Private                         35 South St.
& Confidential               Park Lane, W.
                                            Oct. 9/75
My dear Sir,
“By desire” I am to write to Madras
(my letter to be there by the time the P. of
W. arrives) giving such a thoro
sketch of what you want to do there
– & of what the present state of the
question is: & of what the hitch is
that now prevents its progress: as an
unprofessional man who cannot be

Letter to William Clark: 9 October 1875, page 2


expected to read or understand your Report
& who is violently pressed for time,
can understand.
Will you enable me to do this?
[of course nothing can be carried by a
“coup d’etat” -but at least word will be sent
home of the true state of the case.]
Will you tell me briefly, so that
a statesman not an engineer can understand:
– What your scheme is to do
– Why it does not go on
– & exactly how the matter stands now.

Letter to William Clark: 9 October 1875, page 3

I could of course easily make
an abstract of your Report &
letters. But I am sure that
it would be of much more
use if you yourself would
tell me tersely (for the
purpose mentioned)
— What you want doing:
— What is the evil that wants removing:
— how you propose to do it:
— Why it is not done.
in great haste
Pray believe me
My dear Sir
ever yours faithfully
Florence Nightingale

W. Clark Esq.