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Sounds 1984

Harper Van Hoy Present Fiddler's Grove Traditional    Ole Time & Bluegrass Music V. 15 1984

Whiskey Before Breakfast by Carroll Best String Band

Sweet Kentucky Whiskey by Company Comin'

Sally Goodin by Fraley Family Band & Bynard Ray

Flowers of Edinburgh by Moutain Woman's String Band

Barlow's Knife by Mountain Woman's String Band

Hollow Poplar by Backward Hillbillies

Brown's Ferry Blues by Smoky Valley Boys

Bully of the Town by Green Island Pickers

Golden Rod Waltz by Carroll Best String Band

Marching Through Georgia by Virgil Alfrey

Rocky Pallet by Ben Entrekin

Sugar Tree Stomp by Edd Michael

Apple Blossom by Virgil Alfrey

50 Year Waltz by Robin Warren

Lime Rock by Mack Snoderly

High Country by Mack Snoderly & Robin Warren

Dance of the Golden Rod by Clyde Hartman