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Sounds 1982

Harper Van Hoy Present Fiddler's Grove Traditional Ole Time & Bluegrass Music V. 13 1982

Forty Years Ago Waltz by Robin Warren

Twinkle Little Star by Edd Michael

Spanish Cavalier by Lauchlin Shaw

Cuckoo's Nest by J.P. Fraley

Old Ned by Robin Warren

Mississippi Sawyer by Edd Michael

Polk River by Billy Hurt

Charmaine by Robin Warren

Black Hawk Waltz by Mary Henigbaum

Sidewinder by Palmer Turnburke

High D by Homespun

Danced All Night by Green Island Pickers

John Henry by Backward Hillbillies

Oh, My Little Darling by Grayson Highland String Band

Stone's Rag by Uncle Waldo's Free Lunch

Jack Broke Down the Prison Door by Music From the Hills

Salty Creek by Dirt Creek Band