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Sounds 1979

Harper Van Hoy Present Fiddler's Grove Traditional Ole Time & Bluegrass Music V. 10 1979

Salt Creek by Liz Shaw

Jack's Maggot by Tom Walsh

Picking Out the Devil's Eyes by Thornton Spencer

Nancy Blevins by Albert Hash

Haste to the Wedding by Liz Shaw

Smith Schottische by Clyde Hartman

Bonaparte's Retreat by J.P. Fraley

Run Johnny Run by Lauchlin Shaw

Sally Goodin by Albert Hash

Sweet Bunch of Daisies by Clyde Hartman

Golden Rod Waltz by J.P. Fraley

Fiddler's Waltz by Lauchlin Shaw

Sally Ann by White Top Mountain Band

Chinquapin by Spring Valley Boys

Lost Indian by Dutch Cove Old Time String Band

My Own House Waltz by Snapper Creek Band

Red Bird by Uncle Henry's Favorites