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How can an archival institution support communities' control over their own histories?

We at the Community-Driven Archives (CDA) Team at UNC Libraries believe that history lives in a plethora of places beyond the walls of a library. We help historically marginalized history keepers make informed choices about stewarding their stories and historical materials based on their and their community's needs. 

Launched in January 2020, Archival Seedlings was a 15-month program supporting the development of small community archives projects led by individual history keepers across the American South. All 10 participants, known as “Seedlings,” participated in seven months of programmed online workshops. Over the course of the program, Seedlings developed projects of their choosing.

Explore Seedlings' projects and learn how each Southern history keeper stewards personal, local, and community histories.

Created by Kimber Heinz and Chaitra Powell, Southern Historical Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries
Last updated: 3/1/21