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Polk Brockman interviewed by Archie Green

Polk C. Brockman Interview - Archie Green, August 11, 1961

From FT-4066 Side 1, Archie Green Collection (#20002)Southern Folklife Collection.

Note: This is an 18-minute excerpt from a much longer interview done by Archie Green and Ed Kahn in 1961.

"He was quite a character, everybody knew him, and referred to him as 'Fiddlin' John.'"

"Peer accompanied me back to Atlanta."

"Let's let him play but don't let him sing."

"We sold the records right up there in the hall, sold 'em just like hotcakes."

"They didn't intend to catalogue the thing at all."

"Some fellow had strayed in, a fellow named Henry Whitter."

"They created a special series for this type of record."

"Finally, he (Peer) decided on the idea of 'Hillbilly,' which more or less stuck."

"There actually wasn't a category (for this music) mentioned or anything until this 'hillbilly' thing came up."