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Many of the images that came to define "hillbilly" or country music can be found in the promotional materials that record companies and record dealers used to sell the 78 rpm records at the core of the business. The images were striking, employing easily identifiable characteristics of the "country" persona (not always terribly complimentary) that are still used today.

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John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)

Fiddlin' John Carson


Copy of Magazine Advertisement. Okeh Discographical Files, Southern Folklife Collection.

Fiddlin' John Carson and Henry Whitter advertisement

Copy of Columbia Records Advertisement from Talking Machine World

Copy of Columbia Records Advertisement from Talking Machine World, June 15,1924. Archie Green Collection (#20002), Southern Folklife Collection.

Columbia Records Advertisement (featuring Gid Tanner, Riley Puckett, Samantha Bumgarner, Eva Davis, and Ernest Thompson)

Vernon Dalhart

Vernon Dalhart. John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)Southern Folklife Collection.

Vernon Dalhart

Archie Green, left, with Dock Walsh

Archie Green, left, with Dock Walsh, 1962. Archie Green Collection (#20002)Southern Folklife Collection.

Archie Green, left, with Dock Walsh

Uncle Dave Macon

Uncle Dave Macon. John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)Southern Folklife Collection.

Uncle Dave Macon

Carl T. Sprague

Carl T. Sprague. John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)Southern Folklife Collection.

Carl T. Sprague

Below: Victor Talking Machine Company Old Time Fiddlin' Tunes Catalog 1924

78 rpm record sleeves from Vocalion		John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)

78 rpm record sleeve from Vocalion. John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)Southern Folklife Collection

Vocalion 78 rpm sleeves


Okeh Advertisement. Okeh Discographical Files, Southern Folklife Collection.

Warner's Seven Aces (including a smaller ad for Fiddlin' John Carson's "Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane")


Henry Whitter. John Edwards Memorial Collection (#20001)Southern Folklife Collection.

Henry Whitter