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Unveiling, 1913

Unveiling, 1913
Unveiling, 1913

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Unveiling, 1913


A postcard showing the unveiling of the Confederate Monument, June 2, 1913. The postcard, postmarked 1913, was sent to Mrs. M.F. Patterson, Winston-Salem, N.C. , and reads: "My dear Mother, This is a photo. of the unveiling of our new monument to those who left the Univ. to enlist in the army in 1861. The parade yesterday was a fine one, & Mary & the other looked very picturesque in your dresses. We'll take good care of them & thank you for them. All well. Love to all. Affectionately, Drew." .


"[Unveiling of the Confederate Monument, June 2, 1913]" in Orange County, North Carolina Postcard Collection (P052), North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill