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UNC's Confederate Monument

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UNC's Confederate Monument

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Martin Luther King Day rally, 1997
UNC housekeeper Elaine Massey holding a sign that says "Fight UNC Institutional Racism" at a Martin Luther King Day rally, 1997

Graffiti, 2015
The Confederate Monument spray painted with "Black Lives Matter," "KKK" and "murderer."

Workers clean the monument, 2015
Workers remove graffiti from the Confederate Monument.

"Who is Sandra Bland?" 2015
The Confederate Monument tagged with "Who is Sandra Bland," August 2015.

Removed for restoration, 1986
Silent Sam being removed from its pedestal before being shipped away for restoration, 1986.

Blindfold, 2015
Silent Sam blindfolded with a Confederate flag.

Slave narrative reading, 2015
The Real Silent Sam Coalition holds a 24-hour reading of slave narratives in front of the monument.

After restoration, 1986
Silent Sam is returned to its pedestal after being removed and set away for restoration.

"The Squirrel Hunter," 1927
The Confederate Monument in the snow, January 1927. Labelled "The Squirrel"

L.A. Riots gathering, 1992
Chancellor Paul Hardin and Dr. Marion Phillips, Associate Dean of the UNC School of Medicine, address students gathered at Silent Sam during the L.A. Riots.

Close-up view, 1960s
A close-up view of Silent Sam's face.

View of Silent Sam, 1960s.
A view from beneath the Confederate Monument.

Confederate Monument, undated
A color postcard showing the Confederate Monument, undated.

Confederate Soldiers' Monument, circa 1943
Postmarked July 11, 1943, the postcard is addressed to Mr & Mrs J.A. Cary, 2745 5th Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas and reads: "Otha Tiner U.S.N.R., V-5 Inst School, Carr Hall, Room 201, Chapel Hill, N.C. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Clary: This is one of the many…

Soldiers' Monument, undated
An undated postcard showing the Confederate Monument.

Unveiling, 1913
A postcard showing the unveiling of the Confederate Monument, June 2, 1913. The postcard, postmarked 1913, was sent to Mrs. M.F. Patterson, Winston-Salem, N.C. , and reads: "My dear Mother, This is a photo. of the unveiling of our new monument to…

"In Memoriam," 1913
A drawing of the Confederate Monument accompanied by a memorial tribute listing the alumni and students who had died that academic year. Included on the list is Isaac William Rand, a first-year student killed in a hazing incident September 12, 1912.

Graffiti, 1968
Graffiti on Silent Sam on April 8, 1968, as violent demonstrations erupt around the country following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Students sit at the base of Silent Sam, circa 1939-1942
Three male students sit on the base of the Confederate Monument.
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