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Transcript of Mendez audio on profession
Lucia Mendez, a PhD candidate in Speech & Hearing Sciences, describes the speech & hearing profession

Transcript of Mendez audio on language
Lucia Mendez, a PhD candidate in Speech & Hearing Sciences, describes her research interest in bilingual language development and literacy

Transcript of Kaitlyn Wilson audio
Kaitlyn Wilson, PhD student in Speech & Hearing Sciences, talks about her research in autism and about speech and hearing sciences as a career.

Transcript of Martin audio file
Transcript of Gary Martin's audio talking about his research in language development in children with intellectual disability and autism.

Transcript of Robert Peters
Transcript of audio segment concerning the beginning of the Speech and Hearing Sciences department at UNC.

Special Olympic athletes
group shot of some Special Olympic athletes

coffee farm
Man pouring coffee beans into a sifter

group in Guatemala
Three teachers with three Guatemalan children

Open Society Institute poster
Poster showing a father and daughter with the words Preparados para La Escuela at the top

Mongolian toys
traditional Mongolian toys

Mongolian boy
Young boy standing in front of a painted pole in Mongolia

Mountain in Guatemala

Mongolia mountains
Landscape scene of the Mongolian mountains

bilingual language dev
Teacher with a student learning a new language

Owl wearing a graduation cap holding an hourglass and book with the word The time is now in Pre-K! next to him.

Early reading first
drawing of three children with books wit the words early reading first below

Patsy Pierce and Hillary Harper
Patsy Pierce, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences, and Associate Director for Early Childhood Research and Practice, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, works with Hillary Harper, PhD student, the Graduate Research…

theoretical framework
The Hourglass Model of Language and
Literacy Development, Assessment, and Intervention
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