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Medicine in Paris, 1801-1971

France in 1843
Using images from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’sNew York Academy of Medicine Collection of International Medical Theses, the exhibit “Medicine in Paris, 1801-1971” provides insight…

Meeting the Public Health Challenges of the 21st Century

Steeple of Rosenau Building
Celebrating the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. This exhibit looks at the history of the school and how it is addressing the public health needs of the 21st century. This exhibit was on…

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Papers for the People: A Treasury of North Carolina News Sources

Graphic for Papers for the People exhibit header
NC newspapers, newsletters, and magazines that match people's specific interests, focusing on news of neighbors, workers' rights, or political ideology.

Queerolina: Experiences of Place and Space through Oral Histories

Queerolina Banner
Welcome to “Queerolina: Experiences of Place and Space Through Oral Histories,” an exhibit highlighting the lived experiences of UNC-Chapel Hill students who identify as LGBTQIA+. Queerolina…


Slavery and the Making of the University

University of North Carolina 1797
"Slavery and the Making of the University" introduces materials that recognize and document the contributions of slaves, college servants and free persons of color primarily during the university's…

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Sour Stomachs and Galloping Headaches

The Flyer
This 2005 exhibition provided a broad overview of North Carolina's medical history by highlighting some of the common ailments that afflicted our ancestors, as well as some of the deadly epidemics…

Tar Heel Ink

Breaking the Gender Barrier
Student Publications 1844-2005 Many student publications have come and gone during the long history of the University of North Carolina. These imprints, whether short-lived or long-standing, have…

Teaching with Mass-Market Paperbacks

This Omeka exhibit highlights selected works from UNC-Chapel Hill’s mass-market paperbacks collection, and is intended to help instructors learn how to incorporate mass-market paperbacks into their…

The Florence Nightingale Letters

Photograph of Florence Nightingale
Collection of letters written by Florence Nightingale. These letters are part of the special collections of the Health Sciences Library.

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The North Carolina Election of 1898

"Grand Democratic Rally."
The election of 1898 was one of the most significant elections in the history of North Carolina. The effects of the campaign, and many of the issues that were raised, would last long into the…

The Worlds Within Austen's Two Inches of Ivory: Exhibit Introduction

Letters of William Wordsworth
Jane Austen’s letters provide an intimate look at the world in which she lived and wrote. More so than her novels, the letters materialize the conditions of Austen’s life as a sister, aunt, friend,…

Vargas Vila

Courtesy of Beatriz de la Vega

We Birthed the Movement: The Warren County PCB Landfill Protests, 1978-1982

“Youth – We Care!,” September 15, 1982
This exhibit highlights the 1982 PCB protests in Warren County, NC, and the birth of the environmental justice movement.

World on Fire in Flames of Blood: Narratives of the Russian Revolution

Крестный путь во имя родины<br />Bearing the Cross of the Motherland
This is a digital companion to the exhibition World on Fire in Flames of Blood: Narratives of the Russian Revolution,on view in the Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room in Wilson Special Collections…