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Community Outreach

Laura Cunningham

Laura Cunningham joins her class online through the School’s distance learning program.

Sandra Greene, PhD

Sandra Greene, PhD, research associate professor of health policy and management, teaches students from around the world who are working toward a doctor of public health (DrPH) through the School’s distance learning program.

Distance Learning

The School of Public Health’s distance learning programs improve the public’s health by teaching the next generation of public health leaders and strengthening the skills of current practitioners. To that end, distance education opportunities are available to students in Chapel Hill and on the other side of the world.

The School offers several online master’s degrees, as well as the only online doctor of public health degree (DrPH) in public health leadership in the country. Some courses require an annual, two-week visit on campus; some can be completed on a part-time basis without coming to campus at all.

We provide our distance learners with top-of-the-line technological resources, accessibility and support — and a curriculum that is convenient, flexible and meaningful. Nearly half of current School of Public Health students study from home or work.

Dental Health


The AHEC Mission

The mission of the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program is to meet the state’s health and health workforce needs by providing educational programs in partnership with academic institutions, health care agencies, and other organizations committed to improving the health of the people of North Carolina.

North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program

AHEC educational programs and information services are targeted toward:

  • Improving the distribution and retention of health care providers
  • Improving the diversity and cultural competence of the health care workforce
  • Enhancing the quality of care and improving health care outcomes
  • Addressing the health care needs of underserved communities and populations
ADL logo

AHEC Digital Library

The NC AHEC Digital Library is maintained and housed by the UNC Health Sciences Library. It is a unique digital system that supports the clinical and educational needs of thousands of health care professionals throughout North Carolina by providing online access to hundreds of full-text databases, journals, books, and other resources.

NC Health Info poster in English

NC Health Info

NC Health Info is created, housed, and maintained by the project staff at the UNC Health Sciences Library. Designed to meet the needs and interests of North Carolinians, NC Health Info is an online guide to thousands of web sites of quality health and medical information and local health services throughout North Carolina. It was also the first resource of its kind to link local health information with corresponding information from MedlinePlus, the consumer health site maintained by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

poster for NC Health Info in Spanish

NC Health Info (en Español)

NC Health Info es una guía en línea de sitios Web sobre información médica y de salud de calidad y servicios de salud locales de todo Carolina del Norte y es mantenido por la Biblioteca de Ciencias de la Salud de la University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. NC Health Info, diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades e intereses de los habitantes de Carolina del Norte, lleva a los usuarios a recursos que son confiables y fáciles de entender. Los vínculos en NC Health Info son seleccionados y mantenidos por bibliotecarios de Carolina del Norte. Un componente clave de NC Health Info es la NC Go Local database , una colección de vínculos Web a más de 6,000 sitios Web de centros de salud locales en todos los 100 condados de Carolina del Norte. Esta base de datos de vínculos locales fue el primer recurso de su clase para vincular los servicios de salud locales con la información correspondiente de MedlinePlus, el sitio de salud del consumidor mantenido por la National Library of Medicine y los National Institutes of Health.

First cohort of the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute

First cohort of the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute (2008)


Edward Baker, MD, MPH

Edward Baker, MD, MPH
Director of the Institute

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH) is the service and outreach arm of the School. Since 1999, it has helped translate the School’s scholarship and research into workable community strategies to improve the public’s health and human well-being.

NCIPH, among other things.

  • IS COMMITTED to citizens of North Carolina and people around the world
  • INFORMS communities and agencies about disaster and disaster preparedness, accreditation, health disparities, obesity and other issues
  • PRODUCES, with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Grand Rounds
  • PROVIDES continuing, executive and certificate education and local health department accreditations
Family walking toward bulding Walkable Neighborhood Photo

Walkable Neighborhood Photo: Prevention Research Center at Tulane University

Active Living By Design

is one of the Institute’s many innovative programs. A national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ALBD was established to create and promote environments in which people can be physically active safely and conveniently. The goal of ALBD is to encourage changes in design, transportation and policies to cultivate and support active living, a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines.

The program establishes innovative approaches to increase physical activity and healthy eating through community design, public policies and communications strategies.

Active Living by Design is working with 25 community partnerships across the country to demonstrate how changing community design will impact physical activity.