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Zines: Publishing for All

“Take away the ‘MAGA’ from magazines and you have ‘zines’, ephemeral publications that challenge publishing standards and distribution protocols of mainstream media...” – Deborah Ultan   

Originally the domain of superfans of obscure movies or bands in the late 20th century, zines have had a recent resurgence. Whether the appeal is the DIY, self-publishing aesthetic or the ability to connect with like-minded people through analog media without fear of digital interference or surveillance, zines have risen to fulfill a need in the media ecosystem.   

Resist!: A Woman's Place is in the Revolution!

Multiple authors
Resist!: A Woman's Place is in the Revolution!
Brooklyn, NY: Desert Island; Volume two: NYC, NY: Raw Books & Graphics

Originally conceived as a special issue of the zine Smoke Signal, Resist! took on an independent life and was distributed at women’s marches around the country on the day of the US presidential inauguration in January 2017. 

UNC Library Catalog:

This list of zines from the Sloane Art Library reflects the global vitality of zines, and the breadth of subjects and movements that zinesters share through them.

Al-Mashat, Zainab, Sarah Alfarhan, and Pratt Institute. You and i = Anā Wa-Antī. New York, NY: New York, NY : Zainab Al-Mashat, Sarah Alfarhan, 2014., 2014.

Colectivo Editorial de Mujeres en Prisión. Mujeres habitando un sueño de libertad. México: [México] : Colectivo Editorial de Mujeres en Prisión, [2012], 2012. (Only one pamphlet from this set – the title pamphlet – is included in the exhibition.)

Communitas zine. Guadalajara, México: [Guadalajara, México] : 2018-, 2023.

Kouamè, Cèdric. Hosanna Community Archive. New York, NY: [New York, NY] : BlackMass Publishing, [2019], 2019.

Lampert, Nicolas, 1969-, Josh MacPhee, and Colin Matthes. Cut and Paint. Chicago, IL: Chicago, IL : Cut & Paint, 2006.

Leonard, Zoe. I Want a President. Mexico City: Mexico City : Gato Negro Ediciones, 2017, 2017.

Poe, Janelle, and Sheryl Oppenheim 1983-. Black & White Studies. Brooklyn: [Brooklyn] : Small Editions, 2016., 2016.

Porter, Richard, 1988-, ed. Over There : A Queer Anthology of Joy. London: London : Pilot Press, [2018?], 2018.

Propaganda of the Dead : Anarchist Lessons for the Zombie Apocalypse. United States: [United States] : Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, 2013., 2013.

Quién dijo que era simple. Madrid: [Madrid] : Jauría Ediciones 2016., 2016.

St. Sucia. San Antonio: [San Antonio] : St. Sucia, [2014]-, 2023. (*Issue #11 is the only issue in the exhibition.)

Szamosi, Sofia, 1989-. Girls and Their Food on Instagram. Volumes One & Two. New York, NY: [New York, NY] : Sofia Szamosi, [2016], 2016.