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The North Carolina Election of 1898

The election of 1898 was one of the most significant elections in the history of North Carolina. The effects of the campaign, and many of the issues that were raised, would last long into the twentieth century.

This website is designed for students, teachers, and researchers studying this important period in the history of North Carolina. Using primary sources drawn from the holdings of the North Carolina Collection, this site will allow users to explore the issues of the campaign by examining contemporary newspaper articles, speeches, and editorial cartoons. 

The website is divided into the following sections:

History: A brief sketch of the issues, events, and personalities that shaped the election of 1898 in North Carolina. This page also includes a bibliography of sources used for this site.

Primary Sources: Several significant primary sources, most drawn from North Carolina newspapers, are presented here.  These sources document the platforms and actions of the three political parties vying for power.

Timeline: An outline of significant dates leading up to election day in 1898.

Biographical Sketches: Many of the political figures who played an important role in the statewide campaign in 1898 are described here.

Glossary: A brief guide to significant issues, phrases, and organizations.


PLEASE NOTE: Many of the articles and cartoons on 
this site contain racially insensitive images and text.