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Letter to Gov. James B. Hunt from W.R. Richardson, Hollister, NC, October 5, 1982

Letter to Gov. James B. Hunt from W.R. Richardson, Hollister, NC, October 5, 1982
Letter to Gov. James B. Hunt from W.R. Richardson, Hollister, NC, October 5, 1982

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Letter to Gov. James B. Hunt from W.R. Richardson, Hollister, NC, October 5, 1982



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OCT 08, 1982

October 5, 1982

The Honorable James Hunt, Governor
State of North Carolina
Raleigh, NC 27611

Dear Sir:

As the fifteen members of the Board of Directors for the Twin County Rural Health Center, a medical and dental clinic dedicated to developing and maintaining the social, mental, and physical well-being of residents in Warren and Halifax Counties, we wish to express our concerns about the health hazards posed by both the PCB sprayed along the roadsides of our service area and the actions now being taken to address these potential dangers.

Firstly, authorities have stated that this PCB-contaminated soil is being removed from our community roadsides and being “disposed of” in a Warren County landfill to assure the safety of all people residing in the fourteen affected counties. While we are aware that this soil has been removed and “dumped” in the selected landfill, no one in our state or federal government has explicated any plans for detoxifying the PCB in the dump. Because PCB remains carcinogenic for hundreds of years, we are especially concerned that the contaminated soil has been “dumped” but not “disposed of.” Thus, we join our fellow citizens in Warren County in demanding that those responsible for the preservation of a healthy environment for all North Carolinians execute necessary steps for the detoxification of the PCB-infested landfill in Warren County.

Secondly, we express our conviction that no other land dumps for hazardous wastes of nuclear medicine, nuclear power, or microelectronic plants should be constructed in Warren County or any other part of North Carolina where they are not wanted by the citizenry concerned about safe environments for their and successive generations.

Thirdly, we contend that the growing suspicions and fears about the motives used in selecting Warren County as a dump site and the care taken in constructing the dump site are affecting the mental and social welfares of our fellow citizens. We encourage the state and federal authorities launch a thorough investigation of these motives to assure that all involved individuals and agencies become more sensitive and responsible to the general public’s concerns about the safety of their health and environment.

October 5, 1982
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Because we are committed to the maintenance of good and proper health standards for the communities we serve and all other North Carolinians, we express our confidence that you as our public servant will continue to represent us equitably by addressing our concerns for a healthy North Carolina environment.

W.R. Richardson [signature]
W. R. Richardson, Chairman
Board of Directors
Twin County Rural Health Center, Inc.

Representative George Hux
Senator Julian Allsbrook
Congressman L. H. Fountain [named checked]
Senator John East
Senator Jesse Helms

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