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Dunbar School Intro

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Dunbar School Intro


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00:08 [Jewel]

It's always a joy to talk about Dunbar High School. My name is Jewel Witherspoon Holland, and I spent my whole 12 years at Dunbar.

00:19 [Brenda]

My name is Brenda Benny. I'm the Class of 1961.

00:24 [William]

William Kennedy, Class of 1958. My wife Hazel. Also, now, we’re husband and wife and have been married for 56 years.

00:37 [Clarence]

My name is Clarence McKee, greatest class to ever come out of Dunbar, starting first grade 1947.

00:52 [Edward]

Class of ’65, My name is Edward Lanear. I attended Dunbar from first grade to the 12th, graduated here.

01:01 [Emory]

Good evening, my name is Emory Jones. I was part of the integration, and I was in North Rowan from 1965 to 1967. Technically, I should have graduated with this class, but I'm proud to be part of Dunbar, and my experience at Dunbar was awesome.

01:24 [Margaret]

I'm Margaret C. Jones, Margaret C. Ingrahm Jones. I started Dunbar in the first grade, I think, about 1957.

01:32 [Essie]

I'm Essie Graham Ruffin. I guess I was quiet in class…

01:42 [Valiere]

Okay, my name is Valiere Lyerly Sifford. I’m with the Class of ’66. I started to school in Dunbar in 1962. I went to school in Granite Quarry, and in ’62, we caught the school bus to go to the high school. So, I went 9th through 12th grade.

02:05 [Norma]

Hello, my name is Norma Jean Henderson. I started Dunbar when I was in sixth grade.

02:13 [Tom]

My name is Tom Robinson, member of the 1966 class at Dunbar. It was a good time at Dunbar.

02:22 [Narrator]

On December 30th, 2015, the vacant, long closed Dunbar High School was virtually destroyed by a fire, but memories are deep and true in the minds of the Dunbar Tigers. Friendships built during their school years tell a story of school cultures founded on learning, respect, and dedication to community. The Dunbar High School Alumni Association, as well as other community members, still celebrate their school and its ideas.

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