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Senator Clyde Hoey quote

Senator Clyde Hoey quote
Senator Clyde Hoey quote

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Senator Clyde Hoey quote


The North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs, 1902-1952: Fifty years of Dedicated Volunteer Service to the Promotion of the Civic, Cultural, Educational and Social Betterment of North Carolina. North Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs. 1952. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-CH



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" ... There is nothing under the shining sun the Federal Clubwomen of North Carolina
cannot achieve if given the task." Senator Clyde R. Hoey

Back of Senator Hoey's faith in the club women of North Carolina are fifty years work for social betterment at community, county, and state levels-never for self promotion, and to this date without a drive for public funds. Here, meagerly telescoped, are glimpses of the achievements of the North Carolina Federation since its establishment at Salem College, May 26, 1902:


Inaugurated Traveling libraries - forerunner of Bookmobiles. Established County libraries ... beginnings which led to North Carolina Library Commission.

Pioneered movement which grew into Extension Division of the University of North Carolina. Raised S50,000 Sallie Southall Cotten loan Fund from which co date 250 young women have borrow­ed for college education.

Helped to frame and secure passage of bill for State supported eight months school term.

Worked since 1914 for better pay for teachers. Supported every effort to expand education, from lowest grade to highest institution of learning.


Originated clean-up campaigns.

Pioneered demand for medical inspection of drinking fountains, schools, dairies, restaurants.

Began fight against tuberculosis - still conducting Seal Sales.

Made in Pitt County complete county health survey for national health authorities.

Pioneered movements to lower infant and maternal mortality, establish nurseries, inoculation, school lunches, narcotics control.

Continuing work for crippled children, cerebral palsy, mental and polio patients.

Helped set up Venereal Disease Institute and Good Health Association.

Made first effort for cancer control education, raised first funds for cancer control.


Contributed $1,000 and helped establish Jackson Training School.

Helped secure passage of bill providing for correctional schools for girls, and later Farm Colony for older offenders.

Worked 20 years to secure training school for Negro girls, supported training school for white boys at Rocky Mount, for Negro boys at Hoffman. Maintains personal touch with youthful charges.

Helped secure a Department of Public Welfare for North Carolina- Three able club women have served as State Commissioner of Welfare.

Conducts programs of work in prisons, camps, county homes.

Worked long years for a good child labor law, which was finally put through Legislature by North Carolina's first woman senator, a State Federation president. Law considered one of the nation's best.


The work of North Carolina Women's Clubs for cultural arts is infinitely beyond the scope of this summary. As briefest highlights - Federation publishes books, circulates exhibits, helps perpetuate our state shrines, in 1926 recovered supposed lost score for state song, provides music and art scholarships, trophies and awards for creative writing, is now establishing at Mars Hill facilities for vacation study of art, literature, music, nature, crafts, and drama.


Had early Department of Forestry, fostered idea of state school of forestry, started use of living Christmas trees, the observance of Arbor Day, Forestry Week, promoted programs for highway and Home Safety, served on North Carolina Beautification Commission, helped establish Roadside Development and Beautification Council, named and fostered the "Model Mile Contest."


Fifty years of ceaseless effort for purposeful participation of women in government are merely couched by these highlights-with other state organizations formed Legislative Council, and through this Council helped secure the Australian Ballot for North Carolina; worked for extension of ballot to Indians of North Carolina; had its own "Get out and Vote” campaign for so long that club women participate almost 100% in all county, scare, and national elections.


Served on National Council for Defense, maintained furloughs home for American soldiers abroad, turned clubs into Red Cross centers, raised $20,000,000 in stamps and bonds in recognition of which the ship Sallie S. Cotten was named for one of the Federation Founders. With two other groups sold bonds sufficient to build the hospital ship "Larkspur," aided in the recruiting of women for Navy, Army, and Nursing Corps, helped in rehabilitation of veterans, raised $14,000 last year for Korean war victims, set up first international scholarships for students of Russia, France, Philippines, Greece, and Germany, sent largest collection of any state for relief of Greek children, participated in Books for Peace now a national project begun in North Carolina, raised largest sum of any state, $50,000, in answer to United Nations Appeal for Children.