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18 August 1795. James Patterson to John Haywood.

18 August 1795. James Patterson to John Haywood.
18 August 1795. James Patterson to John Haywood.
18 August 1795. James Patterson to John Haywood.

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18 August 1795. James Patterson to John Haywood.


University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]


18 August 1795.





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MontPelier 18th Augt 1795

Mr. John Haywood


I take the liberty once more being necessiated[sic] to apply to you about this trifling settlement for work & labour done a[s] specified in the acounts[sic] sent you by the bearer Mr. John MCauly - when I undertook this building I thought I had to do with a set gentlemen that would not quible[sic] about triffles[sic]; and I should be sorry to say I have reason to think so now - in the first place - I have been severly[sic] handled by ill Grounded suspicions that I would not finish the building undertaken - in the second place I was kept and delayed for want of bricks upwards of two months and all Hands idle when the Days were Long and the weather Good which was a Loss not to be conceived but by those that Felt it - in the third Place I was kept out of the Second Payment scarly[sic] three months after it was Due by the Express words of the Contract - and now when finished for several months no payment can be had - when I proposed Painting the Roof befor[sic] the scafolds[sic] were struck when it could have been Done at much Less Expence[sic] and at No Risk, that I was forbid to do. But when all the scafolds were struck I was ordered to Paint the Roof and Had to make two Ladders 44 feet Long to Reach the Roof and too Hanging Do 28 feet Long to Reach the Length of the Rafters find Paint & oils. Pay a man 3 Dollars a Day to Superintend the Painting and Risk My own Slaves to Such Jeopardy as they were inn[sic] Every moment for So Long a time. The Least Slip of Hand or foot would have Cost them their Lives and Me a Valuable Servant - was it to Do again I do not know that I would Undertake it for the whole sum I have charged for painting the whole of the building outside & inside - as to the outer staircases considering the manner they are finished the Lumber Picked out of several thousands of feet to get broad Plank & as Clear of sap as could be got (I am confidant[sic] that No other Person besides myself would have taken the same Pain and waisted[sic] as much Plank to make such floor throughout the building) the whole of the building at Least 50 persent[sic] Lower then the Real value this I Do not Complain off[sic]: But to be Kept out of this Last Payment so Long and have so much trouble & Expence in Looking after it - At a time when I am in such imediat[sic] want of it Not only hurts my Credit but my feelings. More then tongue can tell; at the same time a write[sic] served upon for the Lot I bought in the Vilage[sic] and Judgement & Execution obtained against Me for a ballance [sic] Due for a SawMill, I was oblidged[sic] to purchase to carry on the building - Should you think the Change in the Acount[sic] too High for the outside stairs - enclosed is a Description of them which you will Please shew[sic] to Mr. Atkins and take his opinion on it he is also a Good Judge of the Value of Painting as Also of brick work which I am of opinion he will give it freely by your taking the trouble of sending for him; pressing necessity obliges me to make this aplication[sic] to you, as None of the other Comissioners will Do any thing without you - if you have seen Colo[ne]l Glasgow you know whether you are appointed to Settle with me; if you are Not your writting[sic] a Letter by the bearer to the other Comissioners Giving your opinion of the business which I will on his Return carry to Mr. Alves and indeavour[sic] to Prevail upon him to Go with me to Hillsboro and make an Effort to Get him and Major tatom[?] to Go with me to Colo[ne]l Moore and Get the matter finaly[sic], or in Court sittled[sic]. and Me Prevented from Ruin the most of what I want may be Discounted with Peopel[sic] indeted[sic] to the trustees - Could I colect[sic] my own private Dets[sic] I should Not think of asking this favour of you at this time, or if I could Even sell Land or other Property over


or other Property for Ready money at two thirds of the Real Value I should Not so much as think of asking for this trifling ballance untill[sic] a General Meeting of the Comissioners; I Hope you will Excuse the Liberty I have taken as it appears to me you are the only Acting Comissioner that endeavours to forward the business. Your Compliance Will Lay under Very Great obligations -

J Patterson

John Haywood Esq[ui]r[e]


Mr. John Haywood Esq

Jno MCauley

James Patterson

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