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17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.

17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.
17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.
17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.
17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.

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17 November 1847. Thomas Day to David L. Swain.


University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


17 November 1847.






Milton 17 Nov. 1847

Hon. Sir,

I have calculated the 12 alcoves to be shelved in the plan way you discribed [sic] with Pillaster [sic] at the Back to correspond in appearance with the Front, the Boxing round the alcove to be finished as in the First proposition. Shelving the two halls in the way above mentioned will cost two hundred 93 dollars 25 cents, without the pilaster 22$ less $271.25cts.

If you conclude to have me do it you will please inform me as Earley [sic] as convenient.

Verry [sic] obediently yours,

Thos. Day

If you should get me to shelve them I must beg the favor of you to measure the lenghth [sic] of your Books the Depth of the shelves accurately & send me.

T. Day


C. Hill 24th Nov. 1847

To Thomas Day


I have concluded to accept your bid for shelving the libraries, though it is higher by more than $100 than the sum proposed by a very respectable firm in this place. For my justification to him and to the Trustees, I must rely upon the superior manner in which I expect you to execute the work. For the present you must not mention to anyone the amount you are to receive. You speak of 12 alcoves, there are 14.

Will it not be your best plan to pack up & come down & do all the work here. A large comfortable & commodious house to work and lodge in within 100 yards of the Library, can be occupied without charge during the time you are here engaged and many difficulties about plans & measurements avoided by opportunities of comparison and consultation on the spot, which it will be very hard to overcome at a distance. The shelves ought not to be equi-distant - 10 - 9 - 8


inches will be most general intervals. Neither the depth, nor width will in all cases be uniform. The North end of the North alcoves (fronting the main street in the village) you will recollect are much deeper than the others, & are to be arranged for quarto & folio volumes.

The regular meetings of the Societies take place on Friday night, when I suppose your proposition will be passed upon by the Philanthropic Society.

Yours very respectfully,

D. L. Swain


Thos Day's
for Shelves

May 8
David L. Swain L.L. Doc
Pres. University
Chapel Hill, NC