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1 June 1885. Volume 1:6.

1 June 1885. Volume 1:6.

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1 June 1885. Volume 1:6.


Records of the General Faculty and Faculty Council (#40106), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


1 June 1885.






Monday June 1st 1885

Special meeting:

All present, Prof Gore is appointed Assistant Secretary. Prof Winston is appointed to take charge of seating the audience at commencement.

Mr. E. F. Strickland's petition to be excused from a portion of his tuition on the ground of having lost some of his property through theft during last Summer vacation, having left the key of his room in the hands of the Bursar, is refused.

On motion of Prof Holmes Wilson Caldwell is to be employed to work in the campus until the 1st of Sept.

On motion Profs Mangum and Holmes are to be considered a committee on the Campus; and all money saved out of $300.00 from April 1st 1885 for the year be spent in shrubs & c.

On motion a pound is to be prepared to confine animals in which trespass on the Campus.

On motion the Certificates of Proficiency are to be printed on parchment and the present price $2.00 is to be retained.

The following resolutions of the Board of Trustees on fraternities are read and ordered to be coppied[sic] on the minutes:

In the matter of the petition of the Alpha Tau Omega, the Kappa Alpha and the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternities asking recognition at the University, after discussion, it is:

Resolved: That resolved that the fraternities named on the petition be permitted to exist at the University upon condition they use no spirituous liquors at their banquets at Chapel Hill.

2nd, That any other fraternity of like character may exist at the University, if approved by the faculty, that will comply with the conditions above stated.

x x x x x x x x x x x x

A true copy from the minutes of the Board of Trustees of

Feb. 5th, 1885 W. L. Saunders Secty & Treasurer