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4 September 1875. Volume 1:6.

4 September 1875. Volume 1:6.

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4 September 1875. Volume 1:6.


Records of the General Faculty and Faculty Council (#40106), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


4 September 1875






One Hundred and Fifty-Second Term.
Saturday, 4 Sep. 1875.

The Faculty elect met at Prof Kimberley's house. There were present
J. DeBerniere Hooper, Professor.
Rev. Chas. Phillips, D.D. "
Jno. Kimberley, "
Rev. A. W. Mangum, "
Rev. A. F. Redd, "
R. H. Graves, Jr.,
Geo. T. Winston, Adjunct Professor.
& A. Mickle, Esq., Bursar.

The Rev. Dr. Chas. Phillips was unanimously elected Chairman of the Faculty, Prof. Geo. T. Winston was elected Secretary, and Prof. R. H. Graves Librarian of the University.

Mr. Mickle was authorized to hire Wilson Swain as College servant at $15 per month. It was ordered that the old apportionment of the buildings between the two literary societies be observed. The time for breakfast was fixed at 7 o'clock, prayers 7-45, dinner 2, & supper 6 o'clock.

It was resolved that students must attend religious worship in one of the churches every Sabbath morning, and that absences must be reported at the Bible recitation in the afternoon of the same day.

It was resolved that Students be required to furnish their rooms with slop buckets.

Assignments were made, as follows, for the examination of applicants for admission into the University;
Rev. Dr. Phillips, Mathematics
Prof. Graves, "
Rev. Prof. Mangum, English Studies
Prof. Hooper, Greek
Prof. Winston, Latin and Geography

The Faculty then adjourned.

Geo. T. Winston, Sec'y.