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Telegram, Junius G. Adams to Frank Porter Graham, 21 September 1939, Salisbury, N.C.
In this letter, a North Carolina citizen expresses his opinion that Fritz Kuhn should not be allowed to speak before the Carolina Political Union at UNC. As the head of the German American Bund and a supporter of Nazi Germany, Kuhn was a…

Photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Clyde R. Hoey, and Frank Porter Graham.
Photograph of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, North Carolina Governor Clyde R. Hoey, and University President Frank Porter Graham on the occasion of President Roosevelt's CPU-sponsored visit to UNC Chapel Hill.

Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt during visit to UNC Chapel Hill, 1942, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Eleanor Roosevelt (at head of table) sitting in a dining hall with students, faculty, and staff, during Roosevelt’s January 1942 visit to the University of North Carolina, as the keynote speaker at a jointly-sponsored International Student…

Photograph of Clyde R. Hoey and James Farley
Photograph taken during Postmaster General Farley’s visit to Chapel Hill to speak before the Carolina Political Union.

Photograph of Carolina Political Union Executive Committee
First appearance of the Carolina Political Union in the UNC Chapel Hill yearbook, the Yackety Yack.

Newspaper, “Trotsky Barred From Speaking Here,” The Daily Tar Heel, 19 September 1937, Chapel Hill, N.C.
This headline of the Daily Tar Heel announces the news that the Carolina Political Union had failed in their efforts to bring Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky to speak on campus.

Newspaper Clipping, “Woman Communist Head To Speak At University”
Newspaper article (presumed to be from the Daily Tar Heel) announcing that Elizabeth Flynn of the Communist Party of the United States.

Newspaper Clipping, “Liberal Georgia Governor Fights for Greater South”
Article from the Daily Tar Heel on Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall preceding his speech to the Carolina Political Union.

Newspaper Clipping, “John Kennedy Will Talk at CPU Program in Hill”
Newspaper article (presumably from the Daily Tar Heel) announcing John Kennedy at an upcoming CPU speaker at UNC.

Newspaper Clipping, “CPU Roundtable: Academic Freedom”
Newspaper article (presumed to be from the Daily Tar Heel) reporting that the topic of that week's CPU Roundtable discussion, Academic Freedom, would be carried over to the next meeting as well.

Newspaper Clipping, “Candidate Strom Thurmond Tonight in Memorial Hall”
Newspaper clipping (presumed to be from the Daily Tar Heel) about Strom Thurmond's upcoming speech, sponsored by the Carolina Forum and Carolina Political Union, to be held in Memorial Hall.

Letter, Marjorie Kipp to Alexander Heard, 2 August 1937, Chicago I.L.
In this letter, the National Forum Director from the Socialist Party of the United States replies to Alexander Heard's invitation to Norman Thomas to visit UNC. She states that is schedlue is currently being drawn up but that he is interested in…

Letter, Leon Trotsky to Alexander Heard, 13 August 1937, Coyoacán, D.F., Mexico.
In this letter, Trotsky accepts the CPU’s invitation to speak at Chapel Hill, on the condition that a travel visa could be secured for him to visit the United States.

Letter, Jeanette Dunseith to the Carolina Political Union, 14 May 1937, Philadelphia, Penn.
The Carolina Political Union received this letter after Postmaster General Farley’s visit and speech in support of court-packing. The writer expresses concern regarding Farley’s “threatening speech,” and questions why the event was allowed to occur…

Letter, J. Edgar Hoover to Alexander Heard
In this letter, J. Edgar Hoover acknowledges the CPU’s invitation to speak in Chapel Hill and declines, citing scheduling conflicts.

Letter, Hiram Evans to Alexander Heard, 2 November 1937, Atlanta, G.A.
In this letter, the office of the Imperial Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan accepts Heard's invitation for Evans to speak to the CPU.

Letter, Earl Browder to Alexander Heard, 8 October 1937, New York, N.Y.<br /><br />
Earl Browder, Chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party of the United States, accepts the Carolina Political Union’s invitation to speak.

Letter, De Witt L. Sage to Alexander Heard, 5 June 1937, Washington, D.C.
De Witt Sage, Secretary to the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, writes to the Carolina Political Union chairman suggesting William Hard, a writer and radio commentator, as a speaker to represent the Republican Party.

Letter, Clendenin J. Ryan, Jr. to Anita de Monseigle, 16 February 1937, New York, N.Y.
In this letter, Clendenin Ryan Jr. writes to the Carolina Political Union on behalf of the Mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia, to acknowledge their invitation for him to speak and to decline due to scheduling conflicts

Letter, C. Oumansky to Alexander Heard, 2 August 1937, Washington D.C.
In this letter, C. Oumansky from the Embassy of the U.S.S.R. replies to Alexander Heard's invitation to Ambassador Troyanovsky to speak at UNC. Oumansky states that the invitation will be given to the Ambassador upon his return from vacation.

Letter, Alexander Heard to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 10 November 1937, Chapel Hill, N.C.
In this letter, Heard writes on behalf of the CPU requesting that President Roosevelt visit UNC.

Flier, “The Carolina Political Union Presents Ellis Arnall”
Flier for Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall's speech at UNC, sponsored by the Carolina Political Union.
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