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Photograph of unidentified Tar an’ Feathers staff members reading a copy of the May 1939 Carolina Buccaneer. The person in the center is probably editorial staff member Haskell Bertrand Gleicher. Photograph taken sometime in May, 1941 as several of…

The Carolina Buccaneer was a humor magazine published by University of North Carolina students between 1924 and 1939. The magazine contained jokes, cartoons, and advertisements and each issue was devoted to a theme. From its inception, the Buccaneer…

Weaver expresses some concerns regarding a controversial issue of the humor magazine, "The Carolina Buccaneer," in a letter to its editor, Bill Stauber.

In this letter, Bill Stauber, Editor of the Carolina Buccaneer, writes to Fred Weaver, the assistant Dean of Students, defending a controversial issue of the magazine from attack by others in the University community.
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