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  • Collection: Academic Freedom at UNC

Editorial written by UNC students and published in the Louisville Journal.

TNF- May1942.jpg
In the decades between the world wars, female students were matriculating in greater numbers at the University. “Co-eds” had limited opportunities for free expression on campus, an issue which was compounded by the sometimes problematic…

UNC senior Bill Dale recorded "The Speaker Ban Ballad" in November 1966. Dale, an English major from Asheville, had been singing professionally for about six months when he recorded the song (3:14). The North Carolina Collection.

Guion Griffis Johnson discusses her husband Guy Johnson, a UNC sociologist, and his sponsorship of a visit by Langston Hughes to UNC in December 1931 (3:02). Oral History Interview with Guion Griffis Johnson, May 27, 1974. Interview G-002903,…

Guion Griffis Johnson discusses the beginnings of the Institute for Research in Social Science and perceptions of the Institute as socialist. She recalls Howard Odum, a professor of sociology at UNC and the founder of the Institute, and her husband,…

Oral History Interview with Guion Griffis Johnson, May 27, 1974. Interview G-002903, Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007), Southern Historical Collection.

Guion Griffis Johnson recalls Howard Odum's arrival at UNC in 1924. Odum founded the Institute for Research in Social Science at UNC. Johnson and her husband Guy Johnson worked with Odum at the Institute (6:17). Oral History Interview with Guion…

Harriet Herring describes her work with the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and the opposition she faced from David Clark, editor of the Southern Textile Bulletin and an ally of mill owners. Oral History Interview with Harriet Herring,…

Harriet Herring recalls David Clark's editorial campaign against UNC President Frank Porter Graham, who advocated unionizing North Carolina's cotton mills. Clark was editor of the Southern Textile Bulletin, a publication that generally sided with…

The Carolina Buccaneer was a humor magazine published by University of North Carolina students between 1924 and 1939. The magazine contained jokes, cartoons, and advertisements and each issue was devoted to a theme. From its inception, the Buccaneer…
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