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UNC Libraries

Published English Translations

Published English translations of exhibition items available through UNC Libraries:

Babel, Isaak. Red Cavalry. Translated by Boris Dralyuk, Pushkin, 2014.

---. Red Cavalry and Other Stories. Translated by Efraim Sicher, Penguin, 2005.

---. The Complete Works of Isaac Babel. Translated by Peter Constantine, Norton, 2002.

Bulgakov, Mikhail. The White Guard. Translated by Roger Cockrell, Alma Classics, 2012.

---. White Guard. Translated by Marian Schwartz, Yale University Press, 2008.

---. The White Guard. Translated by Michael Glenny, Academy Chicago, 1987.

Bunin, Ivan. Cursed Days : a Diary of Revolution, Ivan R. Dee, 1998.

Burtsev, Vladimir. Cursed be the Bolsheviks!, Imprimerie Union, 1919.

Denikin, Anton. The Russian Turmoil: Memoirs: Military, Social, and Political, Dutton, 1922. (Heavily abridged version of The Russian Turmoil -- the original is in five volumes!)

Gilliard, Pierre. Thirteen Years at the Russian Court (A Personal Record of the Last Years and Death of the Czar Nicholas II. and His Family), 3rd ed., Hutchinson & Co., 1922. (Expanded version of The Tragic Fate of the Russian Imperial Family)

Mayakovsky, Vladimir. Vladimir Mayakovsky : Selected Poems. Translated by James H. McGavran III, Northwestern University Press, 2013. (Contains some poems from Poems about the Revolution)

---. Selected Works in Three Volumes, Raduga, 1985. (Contains some poems from Poems about the Revolution)

Melʹgunov, Sergei. The Red Terror in Russia, J.M. Dent & sons, 1926.

O’Conor, John. The Sokolov Investigation of the Alleged Murder of the Russian Imperial Family; a Translation of Sections of Nicholas A. Sokolov's The Murder of the Imperial Family, 1st ed., R. Speller, 1971.

Pasternak, Boris. Doctor Zhivago. Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky,  Vintage Classics, 2011. (2010 edition also available)

---. Doctor Zhivago. Translated by Max Hayward and Manya Harari. Pantheon, 1958. (Earlier editions also available)

Trotsky, Leon. History of the Russian Revolution. Translated by Max Eastman, Haymarket Books, 2008. (Earlier editions available)