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Letter:: Sarah Calhoun Winter to Mrs. Cameron

Letter to Mrs Cameron

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Letter:: Sarah Calhoun Winter to Mrs. Cameron


Bennehan Cameron Papers, 1866-1962, #3623, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-CH


In the public domain and may be used without copyright restriction.


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Montgomery, Ala.,

My dear Mrs. Cameron,

I am inclosing the platform of The Southern Women’s League For The Rejection Of The Susan B. Anthony Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States, and am asking your careful consideration of the same, with the firm belief that the principles so contained will appeal to the hearts and the understanding of all patriotic and loyal men and women of the South.

The membership of this league is composed of representative women from all the southern States - and is organized for the purpose of arousing the women of the South to the dangers of Woman’s Suffrage Through A Constitutional Amendment.

We appeal to you to aid us in furthering the purpose of this League. First, by endeavoring to arouse the interest of the women of your state, who have hither-to been inactive - Second, by sending us the names of such women, as might be induced to organize against this the adoption of this iniquitous, unwise, and unnecessary Amendment.

We will take pleasure in sending literature, and in giving any possible assistance that might be desired.

With grateful appreciation for any timely aid that you might render, I am,

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. Sarah Calhoun Winter
Member of Executive Committee.

Headquarters - 1008 Bell Bldg.,
Montgomery, Ala.