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Letter: from Dorothy M Slade, Jan 18, 1973

Letter: from Dorothy M Slade, Jan 18, 1973

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Letter: from Dorothy M Slade, Jan 18, 1973


Martha C. McKay Collection Number: 04856- Collection Title: Martha C. McKay Papers 1971-1992. Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-CH


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721 Crescent Drive
Reidsville, N.C. 27320
January 18, 1973

Good Morning!

I beg you to make a careful study of the materials enclosed.

The Equal Rights Amendment, if ratified, will deprive American women of the privileges and protection now theirs and will give them nothing of value in return.

It will nullify thousands of present laws which protect women and will transform every provision of law concerning women into a constitutional issue which will ultimately have to be resolved by the Supreme Court.

The ERA does NOT provide equal pay for equal work. (This legislation has already been passed and is now on the books.) It does NOT guarantee better working conditions of occupational opportunities for women. It does NOT make allowances for purely physiological differences. It reduces rather than increases freedom of choice and will, in fact, place our women in bondage rather than “liberate” them.

Please vote against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment!

Dorothy M. Slade
(Miss) Dorothy M. Slade
N.C. Coordinator
STOP ERA Committee