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Letter: Lela Chesson to Sam Ervin, Jan 29, 1975

Letter: Lela Chesson to Sam Ervin, Jan 29, 1975

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Letter: Lela Chesson to Sam Ervin, Jan 29, 1975


Sam J. Ervin Papers, Subgroup B: Private Papers #3847B, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-CH


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The Rocky Mount
Evening & Sunday Telegram
Published by Rocky Mount Publishing Company
150 Howard Street - Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801
Telephone (919) 446-5161

January 29, 1975

Senator Sam Ervin
Morganton, North Carolina

Dear Mr. Ervin:

As Women’s Editor of the Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, I have closely studied the Equal Rights Amendment controversy. I recently interviewed Mrs. Bobbie Matthews, anti-ERA state chairman and Mrs. Nancy Drum, ERA United State leader.

I am writing you now in regard to your references to the Yale Law Journal in your Minority Report (Report N. 92-689, 92nd Congress, 2nd Session.) It disturbs me that your references to the Journal are quite misleading in that phrases are lifted from context and meanings are obviously misinterpreted. (I am not referring to typographical errors which are understandable.) I am also alarmed that these excerpts are being used by anti-ERA groups to discredit the Amendment since these groups are obviously not aware of the specifications and clarifications which were obviously omitted. The Yale Law Journal, is in fact, being used by the proponents of the Amendment, but so many women are reading only these misleading excerpts.

Having always so admired you and your views, I certainly respect the fact that you are opposed to the ratification of this Amendment. It greatly concerns me, however, that your excerpts from the Yale Law Journal are distorting and that they emphasize only the negative aspects, omitting all clarifications.

Do you not feel that these excerpts are misleading in that phrases are lifted from context, thus distorting the meaning?

I shall appreciate hearing from you in regard to this matter.


Lela Chesson
Mrs. Lela Chesson