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4. Steele Building

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   Steele Building

Steele Building, built in 1920 as a residence hall, was home to the first African American graduate and undergraduate students. 

The first undergraduates  -- John Brandon, and LeRoy and Ralph Frasier -- enrolled in 1955. None of these first black undergraduate students completed their degrees at UNC.

UNC administration required these students to live alone on the third floor. These first black students were at first denied access to the swimming pool and the student section of the football stadium.

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Harvey Beech, James Lassiter, Floyd McKissick, and Kenneth Lee (clockwise)

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Oscar Diggs (left) and James N. Slade (right)

In 1951, Floyd McKissick, Kenneth Lee, James Lassiter, and Harvey Beech entered the Law School, and Oscar Diggs enrolled in the School of Medicine.