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Going Viral

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Transcript of the interview with Zelma Montgomery Murray and Charles Murray, 4 March 1976 (H-0034)
Two consecutive interviews are combined here, one each of Zelma Montgomery Murray and her husband Charles Murray. The couple speaks about their life in North Carolina mill towns and their jobs in the mills. They discuss the lack of control that…

Vick's VapoRub: new prices
Advertisement for Vick's VapoRub. Verso of card features a small illustration of a soldier carrying a sword, wearing a box of Vick's Salve. The caption under the illustration reads, "Your body-guard.".

Letter from Joseph Lucius Reed to Bethany Barbara Sales Reed
Letter written from France during Reed's service in Company D, 120th Infantry, 30th Division, American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. Reed mentions that there is much more influenza in the United States than in his Company.

Transcript of the interview with Naomi Sizemore Trammell, 25 March 1980 (H-0258)
Naomi Sizemore Trammel grew up in the country but found it necessary to move to a nearby mill town at the age of ten when her parents died and she and her older sister had to support themselves. Trammel began a lifetime of textile mill labor in the…

Transcript of the interview with Dorcas Elizabeth Carter, 25 June 1999 (K-0235)
This interview is one of a series of interviews that focus on coastal North Carolina counties where World War II defense industries and military bases sparked rapid and unprecedented change. The coast, previously a land of sharecroppers, small…

Transcript of the interview with James and Nannie Pharis, 5 December 1978, 8 January 1979, 30 January 1979 (H-0039)
James and Nannie Pharis were married in 1911 after meeting at a square dance sponsored by the local cotton mill in Spray, North Carolina. Both had moved into Spray (now Eden) around the turn of the twentieth century when their tenant farmer fathers…

Transcript of the interview with Sadie Ollison McGlone, 23 April 2007 (U-0342)
McGlone was born on October 12, 1924 in Mesic, North Carolina; eldest of eight children growing up on family farm; childhood in Mesic; struggle to maintain family land, especially land on water, from white developers; primary education in segregated…

Interview with the Robert McKinney Martin, 28 October 1996 and 14 November 1996 (J-0043)
One of a series of interviews conducted by students of the University of North Carolina School of Law, with North Carolina lawyers and judges, some of whom are also politicians. Topics include interviewees' personal and professional lives; thoughts…

Ferula asafoetida
Ferula asafoetida was one of the many remedies used to avoid catching influenza. The only proven way to avoid catching influenza was to stay away from other people carrying the influenza virus.

Transcript of the interview with Gladys and Glenn Hollar, 26 February 1980 (H-0128)
Gladys Irene Moser Hollar and her husband, Glenn Hollar, describe their childhood in rural North Carolina and their working lives in the glove industry and elsewhere. The Hollars grew up in large families in which everyone had to contribute to eke…

Kanton Aargau [graph]
Graph showing weekly statistics pertaining to the influenza epidemic in Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, July 1918-May 1919. The graph shows the number of people who contracted influenza versus the number of people who died from the illness.

Flu-fall in proportion to resident population in individual districts
Map showing the prevalence of influenza in eleven districts of the Canton of Aargau (Switzerland).

Interview with Naomi Sizemore Trammell, 25 March 1980 (H-0258) [audio clip]
Trammell speaks about the medical care she received during the influenza pandemic.
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