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Qur'an postcard 1
postcard about the Qur'an as a summer reading at UNC.

Letter, J. Edgar Hoover to Alexander Heard
In this letter, J. Edgar Hoover acknowledges the CPU’s invitation to speak in Chapel Hill and declines, citing scheduling conflicts.

Letter, Franklin D. Roosevelt to Frank Porter Graham
Roosevelt responds to the CPU's invitation with interest.

Letter, Jeanette Dunseith to the Carolina Political Union, 14 May 1937, Philadelphia, Penn.
The Carolina Political Union received this letter after Postmaster General Farley’s visit and speech in support of court-packing. The writer expresses concern regarding Farley’s “threatening speech,” and questions why the event was allowed to occur…

Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt during visit to UNC Chapel Hill, 1942, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Eleanor Roosevelt (at head of table) sitting in a dining hall with students, faculty, and staff, during Roosevelt’s January 1942 visit to the University of North Carolina, as the keynote speaker at a jointly-sponsored International Student…

Photograph of Clyde R. Hoey and James Farley
Photograph taken during Postmaster General Farley’s visit to Chapel Hill to speak before the Carolina Political Union.

Photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Clyde R. Hoey, and Frank Porter Graham.
Photograph of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, North Carolina Governor Clyde R. Hoey, and University President Frank Porter Graham on the occasion of President Roosevelt's CPU-sponsored visit to UNC Chapel Hill.

Letter, Cordell Hull to Alexander Heard
In this letter, Hull reports that the U.S. Department of State’s has denied the request for a travel visa for Trotsky to visit the U.S. to speak in Chapel Hill.

Photograph of Carolina Political Union Executive Committee
First appearance of the Carolina Political Union in the UNC Chapel Hill yearbook, the Yackety Yack.

Newspaper Clipping, “Liberal Georgia Governor Fights for Greater South”
Article from the Daily Tar Heel on Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall preceding his speech to the Carolina Political Union.

Flier, “The Carolina Political Union Presents Ellis Arnall”
Flier for Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall's speech at UNC, sponsored by the Carolina Political Union.

Drawing of William B. Shepard, lithograph of Robert Hett Chapman
Composite image consisting of a drawing of William B. Shepard on left and a lithograph of Robert Hett Chapman on right.
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