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A Nursery of Patriotism: the University at War, 1861-1945

"The University's prosperity is well-nigh destroyed by the hand of misrule and treason. Instead of being, as she is accused of late years, a nursery of narrow-minded, bigoted, and sectional ideas she…

A Right to Speak and to Hear: Academic Freedom and Free Expression at UNC

On June 26, 1963 North Carolina's lawmakers approved a bill that came to be known as the Speaker Ban. The law forbade Communists and others critical of the United States government from speaking on…


Campaigns & Causes: Political Memorabilia in North Carolina

Since the 1840s, decorative devices and slogans have been used to promote political candidates and causes. While ribbons, broadsides, and buttons comprise the earliest type of memorabilia, additional…

Evolution Controversy in NC in the 1920s

On January 8, 1925, Representative D. Scott Poole introduced a resolution in the North Carolina Legislature in which he proposed that it was "injurious to the welfare of the people" for public schools…

Facing Controversy: Struggling with Capital Punishment in NC

"Facing Controversy: Struggling with Capital Punishment in North Carolina" This website presents a digital exhibit of a selection of primary source materials that document many of the controversies…

Fiddler's Grove: Retrospective, 1970-2000

The Fiddler's Grove Collection at the Southern Folklife Collection contains a wealth of materials. Only a small fraction of the Fiddler's Grove resources are represented in this exhibit. We encourage…

Hillbilly Music: Source & Symbol

The Hillbilly Music: Source and Symbol virtual exhibit is adapted from an original installation, part of a conference organized in April 2003 around the publication and celebration of discographer…

I Raised My Hand To Volunteer

Exhibit Overview Part of a larger project that included a physical exhibit mounted in the Manuscripts Department of Wilson Library 23 January, 2007 through 15 June, 2007 and a series of…

McGuire's Miracle

The season started on December 4, 1956, and ended on March 23, 1957. In between, North Carolina and the nation witnessed a perfect season—“McGuire's Miracle.” The University of North…

Slavery and the Making of the University

"Slavery and the Making of the University" introduces materials that recognize and document the contributions of slaves, college servants and free persons of color primarily during the university's…

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Sour Stomachs and Galloping Headaches

This 2005 exhibition provided a broad overview of North Carolina's medical history by highlighting some of the common ailments that afflicted our ancestors, as well as some of the deadly epidemics…

Tar Heel Ink

Student Publications 1844-2005 Many student publications have come and gone during the long history of the University of North Carolina. These imprints, whether short-lived or long-standing, have…

The North Carolina Election of 1898

The election of 1898 was one of the most significant elections in the history of North Carolina. The effects of the campaign, and many of the issues that were raised, would last long into the…